Monday, January 14, 2008

Dado and Ivan plays with foreskin before sex!

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Dado and Ivan loves to play with their uncut dicks.Foreskin play is what makes their sex more nasty and wild and make them real horny!First they suck each other foreskin and then stuck each other dick,which made their dicks strong and ready for hardcore gay sex!

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Friday, January 11, 2008

I Just Love Your Uncut Cock – Let Me Play With It Please!

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The first night Shane and Kevin were about to have sex Shane was very pleased when his new friend’s trousers dropped to the floor and a lovely uncut cock was revealed to him. Who could have asked for a better surprise? His last boyfriend had been circumcised… and the sex simply had not been as pleasurable. Who could resist the temptation of a big cock with a nice piece of foreskin at the tip? Shane showed Kevin things he had never seen before, and did things to his foreskin he thought were impossible. All in all it was a great first night for both of them.

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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Hard And Smooth On The Outside, Soft And Creamy On The Inside

We know what foreskin fanatics want because we have the same exact needs and desires as you do. We also like to experiment with throbbing uncut cocks whenever we get a chance, and that’s exactly why Foreskin Play was created, so that hot studs like Tony and Mark can show you what to do with that extra piece of cock on your cock! Tony likes to have his tongues play with it for a while before swallowing the entire dick in his dirty little mouth. Mark, on the other hand, loves to feel it with both his hands, touching it delicately as if caressing a priceless cloth of silk.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

I’m So Tired Please Kiss My Foreskin!

Niel is just completely worn out and really needs for Frank to try to lift his spirits tonight. Frank – always the thoughtful lover – strips his boyfriend butt-naked and proceeds to play with the tip of his cock, where a slippery little piece of foreskin is begging to be kissed and treated gently. Niel soon feels the effects and begins to slowly work his way down Frank’s hairy crotch and slurp on his immensely sized cock. He slides his tongue up and down his guy’s foreskin until Frank’s cock stands completely erect and is ready to be inserted deep inside into his horny lover’s pleasure hole.

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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Where Foreskin Fantasies Always Cum True

What is the truth behind the myths of foreskin play and the pleasures it can give you? If you’ve always been curious about this subject – like so many people naturally are - just let Shane and Kelly share their most intimate secrets and knowledge with you. And believe me they sure have plenty to share with everyone! We can guarantee you will learn many new and useful things that will help you stimulate and satisfy the needs of your uncircumcised lover… who is probably waiting for you to fuck him as we speak!

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Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Circumcised Cocks Not Allowed!

These two hot studs take Foreskin Play to the next level! Niel and Mark are very curious about each other’s private areas and love to touch and explore below the waist! Niel is kind of shy and needs oral stimulation from his partner to feel completely relaxed and at ease, and to let Mark fondle his delicate penis freely. Mark is always in the mood to get nasty and gladly does whatever is necessary to get things rolling. Soon he has Niel laying down on the couch with his legs spread wide open, begging to get pounded in his tight little ass.

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